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Inspection Reservation Request (Online Form)

In-Person Inspections are expected to resume in 2021 . However, Mail-in Registration will continue to be offered in 2021, along with Virtual Mare Inspections. Please fill out an Inspection Reservation Form (link above) to request Westfalen Registration - you may choose Mail In or In-Person, and all Mail-In reservations will also be eligible to attend in-person inspections when offered, to attain scores. All deposits paid are applied directly to your registration costs. Westfalen offers open inspection sites around North America, as well as private sites on-farm between July and October. Contact the North American office with your requests.

We are also offering Video Inspection of Mares . Fill out a virtual mare inspection form with video and photo links if you cannot bring your uninspected mare to an inspection site. Mares will need to be presented in person in addition to the video inspection – but you will only pay one inspection fee. Mares already inspected by a different warmblood breeding organization may present inspection scores and status from another registry in order to qualify for a Westfalen mare book as well.

Video Instructions: Stand up the mare and foal in an arena or any well-lit area with a side view followed by a front and back view - close enough to evaluate conformation and correctness of legs. Have the camera approximate the judge’s position.  Choose a location where the light is best and not too backlit for camera to make a clear bright image.  Ideally the foal should be haltered and standing quietly. If the mare is to be inspected as well be sure to get unobstructed video of both the mare's and the foal's conformation and correctness. The foal may then be set free (remove halter if possible) and if the mare is being inspected, walk her toward and away from the camera for evaluation of correctness. For the quality of gaits we recommend walking the mare around a big oval or triangle with the foal loose on the inside nearer the camera, then trotting the mare in hand before setting the mare free so the mare and foal can be evaluated in trot and canter at liberty.  You don’t need to use a triangle for the in-hand portion unless you want to – a big oval will give the judge a chance to see the quality of gaits just as well. Ideally you can upload the video to youtube with titles giving mare and foal names, owner name, and date of birth of foal and date of video.  Then send us a link.  If not, you can email the actual video clips with the information to