What We Do

The Westfalen Verband brings to North America a tradition of excellence in Warmblood breeding, as well as a dedicated, friendly, and approachable staff. The Westfalen Verband NA is the official representative of the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V, and our main office where passports are printed is in Münster, Germany. This close connection brings to North America a 100+ year tradition of excellence in Warmblood breeding. For the past 20 years, The North American staff has been inspecting, registering and branding warmbloods and sport ponies at inspection sites across North America. Beginning in spring of 2017, the Westfalen Verband NA became the official representative of the German Westfalen Verband in North America.

The Westfalen Verband NA provides inspection, registration services, guidance and awards programs for breeders. Our extensive North American inspection tour reaches nearly every corner of the USA and many parts of Canada, as well as private inspections on-farm. We provide USEF sanctioned Horse Identification Document passports with microchips, which are available by mail. Westfalen breed passports are produced in Germany and are World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) sanctioned, with the breed-name Westfalen. All foals and horses receiving passports will also be DNA typed and microchipped, and foals issued a complementary USEF lifetime number.

The Westfalen Verband NA uses experienced, qualified representatives directly from the German Verband at its North American Inspections. As in Europe, approved mares and stallions are entered directly into the Mare and Stud Books, and foals are given a registration number at birth. This number follows the foal's show results, location, and breeding records, if applicable. All Westfalen foals are permanently ID'd with a microchip, and for foals whose pedigree qualifies them for pink papers, the esteemed Westfalen brand with crown is an option! All North American registered foals will receive a complimentary USEF lifetime number!