North American Registration

Westfalen registrations in North America follow the bylaws of our parent organization in Germany, the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. Foals must be physically inspected, microchipped and have DNA parentage verification done. Branding is optional, and dependent on pedigree. Breeding books exist for Warmbloods (Westfälischen Reitpferde), German Riding Ponies (Deutsches Reitpony) and Haflingers. Foals as well as older previously unregistered horses who meet pedigree requirements may be inspected and registered, receiving official WBFSH sanctioned passports directly from Germany. Horses without eligible pedigree needing age verified Horse Identification (HID) passports for USEF show requirements can be issued passports through the mail. Mares and Stallions are inspected, given scores and entered into a breeding book at the same inspection sites around the USA and Canada where foal and older horse registration takes place. Sign up Now for 2019 Inspection. Learn more below.

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