HID Passports with Microchips

For horses needing identification papers with microchip, the Westfalen Verband NA can provide HID passports (Horse Identification Documents). HID’s are for foals and other horses who need permanent identification for show or ownership purposes, but who lack eligible pedigree for a regular Westfalen passport. HID passports qualify horses for USEF Age Verified classes.

HID passports may be applied for either at a Westfalen inspection site or through the mail, and require a veterinarian to complete the form and insert a 15-digit ISO compliant microchip. Other required paperwork includes proof of ownership (bill or sale, etc.) and a method of age verification (may include: signed veterinary statement, breeding certificate or signed letter from breeder or foal-raiser).

Horse Identification document — HID

  • Only Sire or dam is in the breed books
  • Horses without any “official heritage”
  • Microchip only, no brand
  • HID’s may be provided ‘through the mail’ based on a veterinarian-completed form and other documentation

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