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Excellent brands need fans worldwide. Westfalen horses and ponies are well known all over the world, with famous stallions such as Florestan, Pilot and Cornet Obolensky, and superstars in sport like Damon Hill and Comme il Faut. The Westfalen Verband NA is the official North American representative of the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V. in Germany, offering direct access to the 200-year strong breeding program, experienced judges and officials, and WBFSH (World Breeding Federation Sport Horses) passports and brand that have made Westfalen horses and ponies sought after around the world.

The Westfalen Verband NA’s annual inspection tour is the most extensive in North America - reaching practically every corner of the USA and many parts of Canada, as well as offering private on-farm inspections. We rely on our network of registry officials, breeders, competitors and enthusiasts to keep Westfalen horses on top of the world in sport and breeding!

Our Team

Team Member

Otto Schalter

Stud Book Director

In North American Warmblood and Pony registrations, no one has more hands-on experience on both sides of the Atlantic than Otto Schalter. Otto is a long-time stud book director in Germany and full time employee of the Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch e.V., with vast and practical hands-on knowledge of the bloodlines, breeders and horses that have shaped warmblood breeding and sport in Europe. He’s a breeder himself, and has been inspecting and branding in North America since 1995.

Team Member

Ann Daum Kustar

Manager, North American Office

The Westfalen Verband NA offers US-based customer service and breeder-centered marketing programs from our South Dakota office, managed by breeder, judge and author Ann Daum Kustar, B.S. Equine Science from CSU, M.A. from CU Boulder, and a lifetime of experience in the livestock and equine industry. Contact Ann for information on the North American inspection tour, mare/stallion eligibility, passport, awards/membership services.

Team Member

Thomas Münch

German Breeding & Marketing Director

From overseeing the direction of breeding in the Westfalen studbook, to hands-on decisions in stallion selection - future generations of sport stars are in the sights of our Breeding Director of the Westfälische Pferdestammbuch. Also the Westfalen Marketing Manager and Auctioneer, Thomas Münch can help you find a new partner for competition or breeding. Our German partners have an outstanding selection of prospects through seasoned competition horses and ponies.

Team Member

Katrin Tosberg

Vice Breeding Director

Before joining the Westfalen Studbook in 2014 as Deputy Breeding Manager and Breeding Book Manager, Katrin Tosberg worked for the FN, and completed a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences with a major in Livestock Sciences and a Master’s degree in Equine Science in Göttingen.

Team Member

D’Arcy Steiner

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Westfalen owner, competitor and enthusiast, D’Arcy holds a degree in modern Languages and has a flair for marketing and promoting all things equine. Especially gifted with the modern tools of online communication through social media, D’Arcy is the person to bring your News, Results, Events and interest in our Westfalen outreach programs such as the annual Breeders Tour to Germany!

Team Member

Emily Boni

North American Office Staff