Westfalen Riding Ponies

The Westfalen German Riding Pony (Deutsches Reitpony) is renowned the world over for their athleticism, elegant beauty, rideability and endearing personality. They consistently dominate in the International FEI Pony competitions in all disciplines of dressage, show jumping, eventing and driving. In the United States they are beginning to have a huge influence in the competitive Hunter Pony divisions, too.

The Westfalen Registry has been a pioneer in the development of the German Riding Pony and has the distinction of being the birthplace of one of the most influential bloodlines in the history of the German Riding Pony, the famous Dressman line. This successful bloodline has influenced the development of the German Riding Pony across all German registries.

Great emphasis is placed upon rideability in ponies, as well as standards in terms of pony type, size and correctness of movement. Westfalen takes great pride in its pony breeding program and would like to welcome breeders to choose Westfalen German Riding Pony breeding program for their North American bred ponies as well! Read an Article on Westfalen GRP Lines available in North America: Don't SuperSize Me Article

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