Mare & Stallion Inspection

Mares and stallions from eligible breeds may be presented for breeding approval for the Westfalen mare and stallion books. Mares should be a minimum of 3 years old for inspection, Stallions must be a minimum of 2 years of age. A copy of mare/stallion registration papers/pedigree should be sent to the North American office for evaluation on which book the mare or stallion is eligible for, and the owner or leasee of the mare or stallion should complete an Inspection Reservation form to reserve a place at an inspection site. Inspections are carried out in the summer and early fall of each year, with mares and stallions being presented first in-hand in the bridle for conformation, followed by walk for and trot to be evaluated for correctness and quality, and then set at liberty for the canter to be scored (mares may be excused from the canter/liberty portion). Mares with foals at side are scored at the same time the foal is evaluated at her side. Stallions are also asked to free jump according to their age and level of training (dressage-stallions must free jump too, but the requirement is lower), and under saddle/lungeing evaluation will also be required of stallions, as is appropriate for their training level.

Mares may earn Verband Premium status at their inspection if they are eligible for Mare Book I by pedigree, and reach an overall score of 7.2 or above. Mares with significant performance careers may earn Pradikat Sport status – sport results should be submitted to the registry for evaluation. Mare Performance Tests may be offered at certain locations, and Westfalen also accepts the results of other approved registry Mare Performance tests. Mares may earn Elite status with the combination of Verband Premium award from inspection, a successful MPT, and the production of one foal. Mares presented at official Inspection Sites (not private inspections) will also be eligible for Site Champion ribbon and award.

For the Westfalen Warmblood books, Warmblood mares and stallions from other eligible breeding organizations (i.e. Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Trakehner, KWPN, Belgian WB, etc.) as well as Thoroughbreds and Arabian/Shagya/Anglo-Arabians are eligible for the main section books. Warmbloods from American Warmblood, International Sporthorse/Oldenburg NA, and AES are eligible on a case-by-case basis depending on pedigree. For German Riding Ponies, eligible breeds include German Riding Ponies and other European Riding Ponies, Welsh Section A, B, C & D, Connemara, New Forest Pony, Anglo-Arabian, Arabian, Arabian Partbred, Warmblood & Thoroughbred. Haflinger is a purebred book limited to Haflinger breed only with no crossbreds permitted, and Knabstrupper book allows for Knabstrupper, Warmbloods, Anglo Arabians and Thoroughbreds as well, with some limitations on color. Mares who have lost their papers or are of unknown breeding may be eligible for the Pre-Mare books if they are of sport type (i.e. not draft or stock horse type) and earn eligible scores for the Pre-Mare Book.

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